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Emerging Trends in Nutrition: from Research to Clinical Practice
One-Day Virtual Event | June 6, 2024 | 9am-5pm EST

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Eric Ng, MPH, RD is a Registered Dietitian presenting about addressing the social determinants of health through equity and social justice in everyday practice. Eric will discuss how marginalized communities have experienced worsening nutrition inequities in recent years; such as higher rates of food insecurity and diet-related chronic diseases compared to the general population. He will examine the ways in which dietitians can address the SDoH through advancing health equity and social justice. 

Eric Ng
Marg Alfieri

Marg Alfieri, RD specializes in iron deficiencies and will be presenting on Macrocystic Anemia. Her presentation will provide education on the identification of B12 deficiencies and anemias throughout the life span and focus on effective supplementation options.


Mikahelia Wellington

Mikahelia Wellington, RD, CDE, MPH, is presenting on Decolonizing Diabetes Nutrition Education. She will discuss breaking barriers in diabetes involves so much more than advancements in research and pharmacotherapy. How can nutrition experts continue to unlearn our colonizing habits and learn and advance nutrition education from an anti-oppressive and decolonizing perspective? Especially when diet culture, weight-loss culture, Western ways of knowing, Western ways of educating, professionalism and cooking continue to plant roots, take over and erase people's and communities' understanding,  wisdom, agency and appreciation of self, health, nutrition. Asking new questions can help you and your patients discover empowering answers. Mikahelia provides support through the Durham Community Health Centre |


Trista Chan, RD, MHSc is a Registered Dietitian presenting on A Comprehensive Approach to PCOS Management Across Diverse Patient Backgrounds. She will delve into the latest International Guidelines for PCOS, highlighting key features and new additions to aid dietitians in supporting patients from diverse backgrounds. It will address the significant burden of weight stigma and other barriers that impede access to effective treatment, and provide you with practical tips to foster a comprehensive treatment approach to PCOS. Find Trista online at The Good Life Dietitian |

Trista Chan

Marlee Hamilton, RD is a Registered Dietitian and Team Lead from Ignite Nutrition who will present about looking Beyond FODMAPs: Practical Considerations for IBS management when the Low FODMAP diet doesn’t work. While the Low FODMAP diet is an effective IBS management strategy, we frequently see patients for whom it doesn’t work. Marlee Hamilton, Registered Dietitian and Team Lead at Ignite Nutrition touches on complex IBS management - from lifestyle, to over-the-counter evidence based options, to pharmacological considerations to advocate for in your patients. Find Marlee online at Ignite Nutrition |

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Conference registrants are eligible for:


  • a 2-week free trial to the Stretch Health Plus Membership that includes unlimited free access to all zoom mobility classes, as well as a pre-recorded video library of instructional stretch videos/classes

  • a discount of 25% off an initial visit for registrants in the London, Kitchener, and/or Toronto area who are interested in atending an in-person for a stretch treatment

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