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PCDA Clinical Excellence Awards

Submit your nominations by May 31st.


Each year, the PCDA recognizes members who have demonstrated exceptional performance, contributed to the advancement of practice, and been effective and inspiring leaders in their primary care team setting through the following awards based on our values:

  1. Medical Nutrition Therapy Award
    Member RD who has shown exceptional determination, dedication and compassion to provide patient-centr
    ed nutrition support to advance the understanding of healthy dietary patterns across populations and provide innovative, evidence-based care.

  2. Team-based and/or Interprofessional Care Award
    Member RD who goes above-and-beyond (independently or in partnership with RD colleagues) to work with and/or build collaborative relationships with interprofessional healthcare colleagues to provide enhanced, comprehensive care while working with patients, families, and caregivers to deliver the highest quality of patient-centred care across all settings.

  3. Health Equity Award
    Member RD who has demonstrated efforts to reduce health inequalities and disparities by helping patients to overcome the barriers to achieving better health in defined populations (e.g., racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities, and rural populations). This member will have consistently and purposefully supported patients who have systematically experienced greater obstacles to health based on their demographic, socio-economic, geographical or other characteristics historically linked to discrimination or exclusion.

Clinical Excellence Awards
Nomination Category

Award recipients receive recognition at the conference and on the association's website and socials, a certificate, free access to the following year’s conference, and a $200 honorarium for their work and achievements.

Nominate yourself or your colleague in one (or all) of these categories for the Dietitian’s role in:
Education and Internship, Resource Development and Sharing and/or Innovation and Leadership.



  1. A member of the PCDA

  2. Demonstrated innovation, creativity and excellence in leadership in specific area of practice for which nominated

  3. Exceptional performance in practice, contributions to the advancement of practice and leadership achievements in nutrition-related organizations



In 500 words or less please outline what value and category and/or submit any outcome data, patient outcomes, patient feedback, video or actual programming created. The format is not as important as hearing how you, or your colleague are a shining example of a primary care dietitian.


Please submit nomination(s) using the form below by May 31st.

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