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2022 PCDA Annual Conference Survey Results

We are excited to open our conference up to international guests this year, and offer multiple registration options for our 2022 virtual conference, including a sliding scale for students and equity-seeking colleagues, post-conference recording bundle and learning library. See registration options listed, below, for details. 

Did our conference experience meet your expectations? Why or why not?


  • YES!!!

  • Absolutely!

  • Yes, the speakers were amazing, and there was a variety of content.

  • Yes, relevant topics

  • Yes, fantastic presentations.

  • Yes, it was great!

  • Yes. Learned many new topics I otherwise may not have come across so easily.

  • Not really. Not enough learning about dietetics. I've attended this conference ~5 times and this was my least favourite. Sorry

  • Yes, but I didn't have many as it is my first PCDA Conference.

  • WAY ABOVE EXPECTATIONS the virtual platform was fabulous the speakers and topics - diverse and so so interesting a great mix of clinical, practical, humanity

  • Mostly yes; I missed networking opportunities -- a lot. Selection of speakers and topics irreproachable! Showed great planning and leadership.

  • Yes, absolutely!

  • Yes, you addressed important areas of practice in our role as primary care RDs.

  • not sure about the platform used, technical glitches,

  • Yes, certainly! Excellent range of speakers and topics. I was engaged throughout the entire conference. Very impressive presentations!

  • Yes it met my expectations. Thanks for organizing.

  • Yes, I always enjoy learning and the conference was no exception.

  • Tech difficulties, missed in person

  • Was not happy with overall conference experience as there were too many technical difficulties. If there is a choice I would prefer in person for next year.

  • Yup, totally, well done!

  • Yes, exceeded them! I was pleasantly surprised by how relevant and inspiring a number of topics turned out to be.

  • Great job, organizing committee! I think this was one of our best conferences yet (technical issues aside).

  • Yes! Very appreciative for opportunities to learn and expand my dietetic knowledge. I did enjoy the virtual format, as I was able to learn from the comfort of my home and a much more accessible options than in person.

  • Yes!!!

  • Yes, very diverse, learned a variety of new information.

  • Yes. High caliber.

  • Yes, broad range of relevant topics.

  • It was a great conference, lots of practical information to share with patients.

  • Yes. I look forward to this conference every year. Lots of variation in topic this year with a little bit of everything.

  • The conference was great - the tech was a bit tricky, but applause to all involved for an overall good job!

What topics would you be interested in hearing about next year?

Sports nutrition

more on mental health and nutrition

Updates on saturated fats and dyslipidemia

MNT for Liver diseases, Picky eaters , Diabetes and keto diet, Trendy diets!

more on the burnout topic - I think this is very relevant

Nutrition and immune system. Nutrient deficiencies.


Gut health, probiotics, weight neutral approaches on health parameters, possible long term effects of keto diets.

More on mental health , womens health and eating disorders is

Food insecurity, Diet Culture

FPIES/FPIAP in more detail; one of my specialties is Crohn's and Colitis and i feel there is not enough comfort or discussion around this topic, but it is something we would see in primary care, i think it would be great to dive into it (I am happy to even do it, but adult, not pediatric IBD; Michelle Brotherwood may be good for pediatric IBD.) Also ketogenic or other low carb diets in specific areas of practice -> epilepsy, brain cancer, certain digestive conditions, etc. I think we are missing out on this and need more education. Lastly-> acute brain injury, spinal cord injury trauma, for primary care, i guess it would be addressing healing the brain post concussion or other traumatic injuries to the CNS. Also, not sure how to phrase this best, but emotional eating (encompassing self-compassion, intuitive eating, HAES, trauma and nutrition, etc. etc. -> I have done a ton of work on this and can probably recommend other speakers too).


There seems to be interest in looking at burnout prevention and management as a collective goal...the last session highlighted the influence of fiscal pressures on clinical judgement about resources (time and remuneration,) on the jobs we are trained to do. More on advanced nutrition counselling that focuses on the specific needs of those with chronic pain, psychiatric illness. How to navigate around the barriers for patients with MH struggles.

I am not sure

Pediatric and digestive related; Thyroid and nutrition

It seems like there are always questions about supplements, so perhaps the topic of supplements - we've been hearing about iron, turmeric, magnesium, B12, to handle this in primary care - dosage, testing, duration etc. I'm getting more referrals for fatty liver and would appreciate hearing more about this topic in the context of primary care. I'm interested in how to better support those with CKD in primary care. I find working with teens is particularly challenging due to limited experience - how to manage the assessment, tips for counseling, parental involvement, behaviour change in teens, common nutrition issues.

Deeper dive into mental health nutrients of interest instead of just an overview. Trauma informed care review and update.

Eating disorder with the focus on nutrition therapy. Pediatric nutrition with the focus on failure to thrive, deficiencies and picky eating.

More on eating disorders

Continue with eating disorders (because that's where I'm least comfortable). Picky eating, how to help in the office setting.

mindful eating/ intuitive eating, i'd love another presentation on burnout in the profession as new research emerges from recent experiences with the pandemic

Eating disorder talks (in patient/outpatient/facilities/costs)

More clinical! Renal training; more from Nutrition Masterclass - concentrating formulas, switching formulas; supplementing with vitamins and minerals - dosing and what is appropriate to recommend; Nutrition for advanced cancer care, end of life care; tube-feeds 101; GDM nutrition care

I would love more detailed information around lab data, interpretation and clinical relevance.

Baby led weaning, chronic kidney disease, Eating disorders- specifically strategies for binge-eating disorders, intuitive eating practices, picky eating practices

not sure yet

Gosh that's hard to answer 1 year in advance ha! Anything relevant in trending nutrition news at the time

Renal in primary care

Beyond assessment in EDs, Deeper dive into growth charts, Supplements for disease conditions

Concussion management from a RD who specializes in this area - its a topic I know a little about but would be interested in learning more.

I'd like to continue hearing about pediatric topics.

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